Safety in the Seasons, CFRS Collaboration


Throughout Autumn this year, four primary schools from across Cheshire have come together to tackle fire safety issues by creating a new piece of music theatre. On 15th October, the school came to perform their original musical Safety in the Seasons at Parr Hall, Warrington.

Created through the Stop, Drop and Roll Project in Collaboration with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and Safety Central, the young people from schools have created a section of the new piece from scratch, each focusing on safety in the home in one of the four seasons. The piece explores home safety issues throughout the seasons, focusing on burns, scalds and fire safety, delivering the key safety messages including ‘stop, drop and roll’ (the message firefighters give to children and young people for what to do if their clothes catch fire) and ‘Cool, Call, Cover’.


Narrated by two young people from each school, the story that follows shows us what we shouldn’t do, and how we can be safer in the seasons.

Woodside Primary School, Runcorn – Autumn

The group are preparing for Autumn – their favourite season. They carefully light a bonfire. It is also a spooky time of year. “What’s that? Who’s there?” Hallowe’en tempts all sorts of ghouls out of the shadows, and dangers lurk everywhere. This is a message that has a wider meaning, such as safety-checking their own trick or treat costumes.

Ashgrove Academy, Macclesfield – Winter

It is Christmas at Nana Jean’s crowded house. When Mum asks what anyone wants for an afternoon snack, everyone has a different answer. Nana Jean wants hot chocolate, and everyone agrees. But when Dad attempts to carry a tray with 22 steaming mugs across a crowded floor… is this a wise thing to do? When it snows everyone piles outside, enjoying a range of fun activities. Eventually, cold and wet, they move back indoors. But is hanging wet clothes in front of an open fire the safest way to dry them?

St. Anne’s C of E Primary School, Warrington – Spring

As the sun heats up and the days lengthen, the earth vibrates with new life. Spring has arrived, with all its magic. In their bedrooms, our group are excitedly learning their times table using the T T Rock Stars game on their laptops. Suddenly they remember it is Easter and there is an Egg Hunt. Laptops are abandoned and the race is on to win the Ultimate Egg. A little later, having won their prize, their minds turn back to their laptops: did they turn it off and unplug it, or, in their excitement, did they leave it switched on their beds?

St Clare’s Catholic Primary School, Chester – Summer

It is summer and everyone wonders what to do with their six weeks of holiday time. The beach is decided upon, and a long day is spent lying like a seal on a rock, enjoying the feel of the hot sun on bare skin. However, six hours later… a painful lesson has been learned. Then it is time for a camping holiday. The car is packed, and after a drive the campsite is beautiful and sausages are ready to be cooked on the barbecue. When it begins to rain, however, how can the cooking be saved?

Musicians and Creative team

Composer /keyboardist                                   Richard Taylor

Dramatist                                                        Joe England   

Percussionist                                                   Andrea Vogler

Tubist                                                              Ryan Breen    

Flautist                                                            Amina Cunningham & Aine Molines

Viola                                                               Rachel Jones

French Horn                                                    Jenny Cox